Dear UEL Tenants,

The UEL Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that after an extensive search process, we have appointed Brad Larmie as the new UEL Executive Director. Among the many attributes Brad brings to the role, his experience in strategy, innovation, and the startup ecosystem were essential components in our decision. He is passionate about helping founders accomplish their goals and change the world.

UEL will continue to provide the operational foundation tenants have come to expect from the exceptional work and dedication of Jay Beyer-Kropuenske and the Tapestry team. The UEL Board of Directors believes the synergies between the roles and responsibilities of Brad and Jay are critical to move UEL to the next phase of its life.

Brad is an alumnus of Marquette University with a biological sciences background. He has dedicated his career to healthcare and life sciences. His journey includes significant experience in sales and business development, notably selling Entresto at Novartis. Brad also spent several years of his career in management consulting in the healthcare industry for some of the largest health systems in the country.

Most recently, Brad was a leader in strategy and innovation departments at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, focusing on enterprise innovation solutions to shape the future of pediatric care. During his time at Children’s Minnesota, he was the chair of many HealthTech and Digital committees across the organization. Additionally, Brad serves as a mentor in the HealthTech chapter for the Founder’s Institute, the largest pre-seed accelerator in the world. Brad has also spoken on many national stages on various healthcare topics, such as AI, strategy, innovation, and the future of healthcare.

Brad will reach out to all UEL tenant companies in the coming weeks for one-on-one meetings and will attend the tenant holiday lunch on December 14, 2023. Feel free to also stop by Brad’s office and say hi!

The UEL Board of Directors would also like to thank Jay Beyer-Kropuenske for his leadership as the Board undertook the Executive Director search process.

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