University Enterprise Laboratories (UEL) is thrilled to let you know we’ve been recognized for our commitment to being open and honest by Candid. This comes after the Foundation Center and GuideStar, two big names in sharing important information, joined forces to create Candid.

Candid plays a crucial role in the nonprofit world, tracking how and where billions of dollars are spent globally to make a difference. They dive into the details of donations, figuring out who’s giving, who’s getting, and the impact of it all, through in-depth research, building partnerships, and teaching valuable skills.

UEL 2022 seal of transparency

Their database is unmatched, filled with detailed info on charities, foundations, and the grants they give, helping connect people with the resources they need to change the world.

For us at UEL, earning the 2022 Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid means a lot. It shows we’re serious about being clear and trustworthy in everything we do.

This badge of honor places us among a special group of organizations recognized for their openness, reinforcing our role as a reliable member of the startup community. It’s a badge we wear proudly, reflecting our drive to be transparent and build trust while we support startups on their journey to success.

As we celebrate this achievement, we’re reminded to keep aiming high, sharing our stories and lessons learned with the world, and fostering a culture of honesty and collaboration. UEL isn’t just a place for startups to grow; it’s a symbol of trust, innovation, and encouragement for anyone looking to make a positive impact.

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